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Miracle II by Tedco Inc                                                                      Buy Products

Miracle II products are recommended for personal health care use in addition to use as your main household cleaner as these products contain an all natural combination of antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal qualities while containing no dangerous chemicals (review doctor endorsements). Additionally, the moisturizing soap and moisturizing lotion contain all natural oils with well documented healing and nurturing properties helping your skin to maintain or return to its more youthful look.

The Miracle II products are naturally pH balanced and contain NO animal fat, detergents or additives that can clog pores. The formula contains 7 natural ingredients and is 100% chemical free according to both doctor endorsements and government testing which has stated that the products contain no dangerous chemicals. Doctors also confirm the products unique all natural combination of antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal qualities.

As Miracle II works to open the millions of pores on the human body it aids the body in its natural detoxification process allowing it to eliminate many of the toxins that lead to various illnesses. It is estimated the skin has the capacity to eliminate over one pound of waste per day which also helps reduce cellulite and promote weight loss (Source). Additionally, given our diets, among other contributing factors, we tend to be overly acidic (pH below 7.0), which is an environment in which disease and illness thrive. Miracle II has a pH level of close to 8.4 which helps to return our bodies to a healthy Alkaline pH level. Alkalinity  is actually bound by calcium, potassium and magnesium (three of the main ingredients in Miracle II) and then taken back into the blood to neutralize acidity in the blood and tissues (Source: Consumer Health Organization of Canada)

The regular soap contains the seven ingredients listed below while the moisturizing soap also includes the all natural moisturizing oils detailed in line item 8. The neutralizer and gel contain the top six ingredients and exclude the foaming agent.

1. Oxygenated Water (1)

2. Ash of Dedecyl Solution (Ash of Dedecyl Solution is a coconut oil fatty acid used to keep products from separating which is approved by the FDA for use in foods, soaps and cosmetics)

3. Calcium

4. Potassium

5. Magnesium

6. Dehydrabiethylamine (an emulsifier derived from coconuts)

7. Foaming Agent

8. Moisturizing Soap also includes Cold Pressed Avocado, Almond, Olive and Coconut Oils, and Vitamin E.

(1) The oxygenated water detailed above is “electrically engineered eloptic energized stabilized oxygenated water.” Eloptic energy is electric energy and optic energy or light energy (source Tape of Doctor’s Round Table). Eloptic energy is a bioenergy discovered by the late Dr. T. Galen Hieronymus and his wife and coworker Dr. Sarah Hieronymus. The doctors which discovered this energy conducted extensive research on it and believe it to be “the very life energy itself — that which makes each of us alive.”

Summary of Uses

(Download Detailed List of Uses in PDF format)

These all natural Miracle II products can be used for personal healthcare, household cleaning, washing cloths, and bathing your much loved pets. Although there are benefits to numerous to name associated with using these products, through both my personal use and the reports of my customers these products have cleared acne, eczema, diminished age spots and scars, reduced wrinkles, eliminated ring worm and other funguses, and aided with constipation and acid reflux that people had battled with for years.

Recommended use by manufacturer:

It is recommended that Miracle II users utilize the Miracle II Soap as their main bathing soap on a daily basis. Many users also prefer this soap to their existing shampoos. The Miracle II neutralizer should be added to water or juice in an amount of 7 drops to two table spoons daily. As an internal cleanser and detoxification agent this aids many users with relief from constipation and acid reflux among other benefits. The neutralizer also helps to correct internal pH balances. Additionally, it is recommended that users soak in a Miracle II Bath once per week using at least 2 table spoons of soap and 4 table spoons of neutralizer (this process helps to open the pores on your body and release toxins). The Miracle II Gel is recommended for use on any topical skin problems including acne, eczema, age spots, scars, and funguses, among other skin conditions. The concentration of minerals in the gel helps both in cleansing these areas and providing much needed nutrients for healing. As can be seen in the doctor recommendations below, the gel is also recommended for use in brushing your teeth (I personally use it in addition to regular tooth paste as it removes any plaque build up that normal tooth pastes do not remove, although many users prefer it as their only tooth paste). The Miracle II Moisturizer is by far the best moisturizer I and many of my customers have ever used. It contains many healing nutrients, is non-greasy, and absorbed by your skin very quickly. This moisturizer should also be used by those plagued with acne as it does not clog pores and heals the skin (dry skin is believed to make individuals more prone to acne as the body over compensates by producing excessive amounts of the acne causing oil sebum). Depending on usage products typically last three months or longer per person. If you have additional questions about more specific uses please e-mail me and I will provide you with the relevant information.

Doctor Endorsements

The information below includes testimonials from doctors which provide greater detail on the product, how it works, and its results.

o Dr. Clarence Norris M.D. graduated from Medical School in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1977. He has run an alternative healthcare family practice in Charlotte, NC since 1996. Dr. Norris has been using Miracle II products in his practice for many years recommending it to patients. Dr. Clarence Norris 1304-F Idlewild Rd. Matthews, NC 28105; (704) 846-6071.

o Dr. Herbage M.D. holds a degree in Homeopathy and is the Medical Director for the Madison Holistic Health Center in Madison, Wisconsin. Dr Herbage diagnosed herself with breast cancer and after using many other alternatives elected to take seven drop of the Miracle II product to see the effects; according to her testimonial “the breast cancer had been cured after one week of 7 drops.” Dr. Herbage has also used this product with her patients.

o Dr. Mantell M.D. is on the board of directors of the Cancer Control Society (www.cancercontrolsociety.com), is included in the Who’s Who of Holistic Medicine, and is the National Spokesman for Miracle II. Dr. Mantell has also used Miracle II with his patients with cancer. Please review his letter of endorsement.


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