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Thai Crystal

Deodorant Stone 


Crystalux Deodorant Stone


Thai Crystal

Deodorant Mini-Stone




   Thai Crystal

Roll-On Deodorant



Roll-On Deodorant


Thai Crystal Deodorant Powder


Crystalux Deodorant Powder







   Crystalux Deodorant Mist


Thai Crystal

Deodorant Mist



Deodorant Mist





Simply pure and natural!

Thai Crystal Deodorant products are 100% natural containing only crystallized natural mineral salts which kill the odor causing bacteria on your body. This product contains no aluminum and does not prevent perspiration, therefore it will not clog pores! The products also contain no harmful chemicals, oils, perfumes or emulsifiers. This products stops body odor at the source by killing the odor causing bacteria, while most commercial deodorants only cover up the odor caused by this bacteria leaving the bacteria to grow on your body!

Thai Deodorant products are recommended by both Walter Reed Army Hospital and the Mayo Clinic for patients with dermatitis in addition to post operative cancer patients!

Stone - The 4.25 oz Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone is a stick shaped crystal formed from the natural mineral salts. This product is great for underarm and foot odors.  To use simply wet the crystal stone and generously apply to the underarm area (or apply directly after bathing while body is still damp). Dries immediately and will not harm clothes! The Thai Deodorant Stone last for many months often up to a year or more!

Spray - The 8 oz Thai Crystal Deodorant Mist is simply the liquefied version of the above mentioned crystallized natural mineral salts. The Thai Deodorant Mist is applied via a pump sprayer providing a simple means of application!  Great for underarms and feet in addition to household, pet and other odors! It can also be sprayed into shoes to eliminate odors by killing the bacteria stopping odors at the source!

Roll-On - The 3 oz Thai Crystal Deodorant Roll-On is also a liquefied version of the above mentioned crystallized natural mineral salts. The Thai Deodorant Roll-On is provided in a format consistent with other deodorant roll-on products for those preferring a more traditional means of application!  




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