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[zob • ha] noun;  grace, beauty or brilliance


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Capris & Shorts


Pants & Leggings






Bras & Panties





zobha is known for

quality designs


high quality fabrics


The design:  Zobha designs are functional, durable, and can handle any workout that you can.  The clothing is lightweight, made of high-performing fabrics with exceptional fit and thoughtful details.  This brand was launched by a yoga instructor but the quality and designs are great for running and general fitness.  But, when the designer is an athlete you can expect more!!!!!


As two examples,


(1) the brand's innovative yoga panties are super thin, seamless, and invisible under fitted pants.


(2) the length of the capri is just right to keep your legs covered and not slippery for arm balancing, while still being cool enough for the hottest yoga class.


Beautiful, easy to wear, comfortable and timeless you will keep your Zobha clothes in your closet for years! 


The fabric:   The fabric feels soft, like silky cotton against the skin ..... except it is not cotton.  It is a blend of pre-shrunk Supplex® and Lycra® which is soft on the skin, while providing moisture-wicking, breathability, quick-dry, shape retention and stretch recovery.


Sweat through a hot yoga class and walk out of the studio without the dreaded baggy knees. The fabric breathes and dries fast!   And, during your practice don't worry about readjusting your clothes.  Regardless of what position they stay in place and your private parts will not become public.


Wash these pants over and over and they will still fit the same, not fade or pill or thin.


The make:

  • 87% Supplex nylon/13% Lycra spandex

  • Machine wash, tumble dry


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