Health Benefits of Mint

Health Benefits of Mint

Health Benefits of Consuming Mint

  • Clears up congestion in lung, nose, throat
  • Aids in weight loss (add mint to your green tea for a super boost)
  • Anti-Allergy - Mint inhibits your body's release of allergy causing histamines
  • Cancer fighting properties
  • As a natural stimulant mint helps relieve fatigue and depression
  • Helps to with alertness and memory
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Improves oral health (key ingredient in our Bio-Pro Oral Care Products)
  • Reduces nausea quickly
  • Relieves symptoms of acne and reduce acne scarring

Planting Mint

Keep in mind that mint is a very aggressive plant and will likely take over whatever area you plant it in and try to spread beyond even those boundaries. For this reason many people plant mint in containers or other self confined areas. For example, my neighbors and I have a two foot wide stretch between our long driveways. So on each side there is 10 feet of concrete and at the bottom of the driveways is a two lane road. In this space the mint is very contained, provides a gorgeousborder, and a wonderful entry way potpourri - just run your hands across the leaves before guests arrive for a wonderful and inviting smell!

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